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"They say they mean us no harm,
but personally, I don't trust them"
- anonymous witness


Part 1

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I was out shooting some infrared landscapes one day.


Up on Sierra Madre Blvd, before they built the houses.

I didn't notice it at the time, not until I got home
and looked at the pictures on the computer.

There it was, one of them.

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A few days later I went by the local landmark,
the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

This time I saw them, plain as day.

Clearly, something was up.

Welcome to Pasadena!

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Holy Donuts!

The first time I had witnesses was at
the Donut Hole Drive-Thru doughnut
shop in La Puente.

Note the parking lot lines mysteriously

I've never seen that before.

It is my thought, that somebody elses
physics were involved.

You know, somebody else.

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The first mass sighting was exciting
This El Monte crowd was surprised
by some new aircraft at the air show.

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Snaking through one of the many drainage canals that criss-cross the Los Angeles area affords them a low-profile

To be continued...

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